Interior Design Crafted by the Artist's Eye

“Every person deserves to be inspired by the space they live in.”

Our Brand: Where Surf Culture and Artistry Converge in Home Decor

Welcome to Lo&CO - a vibrant tapestry of creativity, individuality, and boundless inspiration. Where the captivating essence of surf culture meets the intricate beauty of art and decor. 

LO&CO is more than a brand; it's a catalyst for wanderlust, inviting you to embark on a journey of exploration without boundaries. Each piece carries a whisper of distant shores, inviting you to embrace the uncharted territories of your imagination.

Our Customer: Curating Spaces for Authentic Living

At LO&CO, we understand that our customers are not mere followers of trends; they are trailblazers of personal style. They seek to curate their living spaces with pieces that mirror their true selves—a reflection of their journeys, experiences, and passions. We've woven our brand around the idea that home decor is not just about aesthetics; it's about narrating stories, sparking conversations and lighting a fire of curiosity. 

Meet Liz: The Creative Soul Behind Lo&CO

Liz is an artist and designer from the enchanting East Coast of the USA. 

With an innate love for art, interiors, and the thrill of travel, She embarked on a transformative journey that would ultimately give birth to this colorful brand. Having spent years immersing herself in diverse cultures and soaking up design influences from around the globe, she recognized the need for a place where art, interiors, and adventure could harmonize. 

Driven by a passion to encapsulate the essence of her experiences and share the magnificence she encountered, Liz set her sights on creating a space that would become the embodiment of everything that she loves.  LO&CO is more than a brand; it's a manifestation of Liz's unwavering dedication to curate a world of boundless creativity, and wonder, where each piece tells a story and every corner whispers tales of global artistry.